Our Studio Booth help your event to become more unique, fun and will be remembered by the guest.


WallaBox provides the best photo booth services at reasonably priced for our clients. With our excellent photo shooting system, studio lighting and equipments, we can help our customers to capture the most precious moment during their events!

Why You Should Need a Photo Booth?


Your event will not be the same anymore as all the excitement and fun will be captured into a memorable memories as our service is suitable for any events like fundraisers, trade shows, company annual dinners, weddings, birthday parties and major seasonal celebration like Hari Raya, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Deepavali. 

It is fun for all ages

Sky is the limit!! Our photobooth service is suitable for all ages!! Why restrained yourself from enjoying the parties. Let loose and let’s take an awesome photos with us. 

It captures the moment

Never missing the fun and memorable moments from the parties anymore. You can get an instant printout for all your photos for your own collection. You can keep it at the house and even at your workstation.

It makes an awesome souvenirs

You can have your printout photos as souvenirs for your guests. It is the new in thing now. Forget of all the door gift in the past. You can have the instant fun photo for them as a gift for them to remember the memorable moments of the parties!!

Wallabox suitable for all types of event!

Our Sweets Smile Collection

The important to keep those pictures is to be able for us to revisit back and cherish the moments for even 100 over years later. It will remain and stay the same. That is the powerful of capturing moment in PICTURES!! The beautiful pictures will last longer as long as we want to remember it..