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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast

Our story

We Wallabox Studio aiming to provide our customers with the highest possible professional photographs tailored to your needs. We used the best possible equipment in promised to give you the best photograph service in town. Below are the ideas and photography services that we at Wallabox Studio offered to you.

 In this millennial era, Photo Booth is a staple at any events. It is like an extra additional event to entertain guests other than the main event itself. As we are all know, we like to take our photographs to the next level especially when we are all GLAM up. With Photo Booth, our customers can take fun pictures instantly with their friends and they can take those pictures as part of their memories home.
Your guests will be surprisingly amazed with our pictures quality and how fast we can print all those pictures. Our Photo Booth is catered to all ages albeit to the oldies. All of them can pose for an UNLIMITED amount of pictures. The best part is, it comes with no COST or in an easy way it’s FREE!! Too good to be true right? When you hire us Wallabox Studio and choose any packages available you will receive an unlimited amount of pictures at no extra charges!!
Apart from just taking the pictures, Photo Booth also can be a wonderful gifts or souvenirs to your guests. All those pictures can be frame or even be decorated to give to all your guests as souvenirs or door gifts. We also provide soft copies of the pictures so that they can save it in their laptop, tablet, PC or even smartphone!!

At Wallabox Studio we have highly trained crews managing our Photo Booth. Set aside your worries about how to set up and operate the Photo Booth. Our crews will handle it all for you. From taking pictures and even can teach you guys how to strike a pose!! All you need is ready to STRIKE A POSE!! J Last but not least our Photo Booth will be brought to your event at any location possible!!

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